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Reading into Metaphysics

By Addison Smith

The annual KC spring metaphysical fair happened from March 22nd- March 24th. At the fair, many vendors and booths were setup to promote psychics and many were there to provide healing and advice to those who needed it.

Many attendees got readings from tarot cards or aura colors, advice from spiritual healers, and many medical based practices to help them. While at the fair, many could purchase things to restore their health such as sage, CBD oil, and crystals.

This fair has been around for several years and many followers of metaphysics have made this event a tradition. The sponsors have planned out three physic fairs throughout each year. One of the coordinators of the event, Sylvia Vallotton, has seen the unity this fair brings to the community. She believes that the fair is for those “searching spiritually” and that this event “brings a lot of spiritualities together”.

Many people from different religions come together to get readings and to connect with those who have crossed over. “You should look into spirituality whether you believe in magic or not,” says Jack Anderson.

While there are many skeptics of these ideas, going out and trying these readings and other metaphysical products can be very eye-opening. The next fair begins on July 12 and ends on July 14th. If you are interested in learning about physics or readings may sure to check out the next fair.


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