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ONW Band and Dance Marching to Success

By Annamarie Struck

With the 2018 season being the most successful in Olathe Northwest history, the Marching Band is determined to replicate the results they saw last year. 

Falling short of first place by just half a point at their first competition, Kansas City Champions, the band is fired up to make improvements and clean up their show before facing the same band they lost to in later competitions this season. Band and dance work together to produce a field show and they know that there is work to be done on both sides before heading to their next competition. Senior dancer, Sydney Morse, explained that as a dance team it is their job “to only make the band look better and not take away from the show by having an uncleanliness in their performance.” 

They spend countless hours in the summer and throughout the school year to make the best show that they can, the dedication and hard work was explained by Drum Major, Jace Richardson who says what keeps him motivated is the people and the end results. 

Their second place finish did not defeat the team, but instead pushes them to be better and a stronger team in the end.


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