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Orchestra takes in the music at Kauffman Center

Many students enjoy listening to different genres of music, such as hip-hop, pop, rock, and others, and going to concerts to see their favorite artist or group perform. But how many have ever been to a music hall to listen to any classical favorites? On Friday Jan.11, 150 orchestra students went to the Kauffman Center and watched the KC Symphony rehearse Russian music for their upcoming concerts.

As students watched and listened to what’s being played from the Symphony, Mr. Martin, an orchestra teacher here at ONW said, “Hopefully they learned what the rehearsal process is like for a professional orchestra, as well as expectations and rehearsal etiquette. They also got a chance to hear very difficult literature performed at a very high level.”

Even though the professional orchestra pulled off the difficult parts by rehearsing and practicing, students are encouraged to practice harder and fix the dynamic, bowings, etc. throughout the music so rehearsal can be fun and enjoyable.

As the rehearsal continued, a violinist came out and played her solo which impressed the students. One of those students, Noelle Chism, an ONW student, said, “I thought the performance was absolutely stunning! The soloist was very expressive and it was enlightening and fun to watch her move with the emotions of the piece. I also really enjoyed the story of the first piece and learning that we were lucky enough to hear the piece in one of its first performances in almost 100 years.”

Another impressed student from ONW named Katie Conley said, “I really enjoyed the performance and my favorite is the Funeral March.”  

As the rehearsal comes to an end, many students will remember the spectacular music that was played at Kauffman Center. Hopefully there will be more field trips to the Kauffman Center, but you and your family can get tickets online to the concerts that are being played at the Kauffman Center if you want a day to listen to professional music.

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