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ONW Cross Country Runs 18 miles from Gardner Edgerton back to Northwest


Last Thursday, Raven Nation showed their school spirit in the annual homecoming parade. The Raven Cross Country Team was busy running the game ball for Friday night all the way from Gardner Edgerton to Olathe Northwest. You’re probably confused on what this run is. The run consists of the football being handed off by each group to another running 3-5 miles for each leg. In total the mileage was just around 18 miles.

This process began with the team driving to Gardner 7:30 in the morning. Starting the run at 8:00am the 1st leg consisted of all seniors. Running 4.7 miles they handed the football off to the next group being a mix of all grade levels. This leg ran 3.3 miles, finishing right around Lake Olathe. Then it began to get hilly. Group 3 ran around Lake Olathe finishing their run by Mission Trail. The second to last group ran about 5 miles from Mission trail heading around Summit Trail then Millbrooke and ending their leg in the CBAC parking lot. The final leg, included all seniors gain again and they did a short 400m run to finish off the ball run and end in the gym to hand the ball off to Coach Hafner.

The Raven Runners loved this experience and can’t wait to hopefully do it again next year. Coach Sales wants this to be yearly tradition as she feels this gives the Cross Country team more recognition as they deserve. She also wants to make it a lasting idea in the Olathe Northwest XC program. Make sure to keep up with the Cross Country Team as they head to Colorado this weekend to compete in the Spartan Invitational.

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